Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Hall teas last sunday in aid of the North Mavine Cattle Compensation Society. So all us crofty wives baked fancies. and some made quiches and bannocks and all that good stuff.
Tea was served tea in the Sullom hall and the masses came and partook. as usual the ladies of Ollaberry and Sullom did there dambdest (?) to out-do each other, and what a spread was served!
Sunday Hall Teas have been a tradition in Shetland since long before I came here and I've been involved to some extent for maybe 20 years. It's a busy day setting up the hall, keeping the trays of cakes filled, serving tea and, of course, the constant washing up. There are always too many women (and the odd man) in the hall kitchen but never a cross word.
Then comes the big clean up following tea for the workers It's always a lightsome day and the funds raised will help keep the society going for another year.

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